aktiengesellschaft pronunciation
aktiengesellschaft pronunciation

Mere delay in initiation of the proceedings would not disentitle the Plaintiff to interim relief. In any event the Defendant has not pressed this argument at the final hearing of the Notice of Motion. 11.2 That the reliance placed by the Defendant on additional material such as packaging material, etc. to contend that there was no likelihood of confusion completely overlooks the fact that the present Suit is not merely for passing off but also for infringement. Relying on the decision of this Court in Medley Pharmaceuticals Ltd. vs. Khandelwal Laboratories Ltd., [2006 ALL MR 92] , it is submitted that once the mark is identical or deceptively similar, the other factors viz. The packing being different, the number of tablets contained in the competing package is not the same, prices are not identical and/or the goods being sold on doctor’s prescription, are altogether irrelevant and immaterial in an infringement action.

The user can choose the agent’s gender as well as several speech parameters such as pitch, volume and speed of the character’s voice. The system is distributed and consists of a set of integrated software modules at the client’s machine and another set of integrated software programs resident on a server or set of servers. The client-side software program is comprised of a speech recognition program, an agent and its control program, and a communication program.

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The European long-distance trail E1 passes through Pforzheim. It is also the starting point of the Black Forest Hiking Routes Westweg, Mittelweg and Ostweg. It was contended by the Defendant relying on the packaging etc., of rival products that since there was difference in the same, there was no likelihood of deception. The said argument completely overlooks the fact that the present Suit is one not merely of passing off but also of infringement.

Each FFT magnitude is then multiplied by the corresponding filter gain and the results accumulated. The cepstral coefficients that are derived from this filter-bank analysis at the front end are calculated during a first partial processing phase of the speech signal by using a Discrete Cosine Transform of the log filter bank amplitudes. These cepstral coefficients are called MeI-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients and they represent some of the speech parameters transferred from the client side to characterize the acoustic features of the user’s speech signal. Thus, these parameters represent the least amount of information that can be used by a subsequent server side system to adequately and quickly complete the recognition process. Two references that refer to a distributed approach for speech recognition include U.S.

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How do you pronounce Jag Är?

‘Jag är’ is /jɑː e:/ or /jɑː ɛ:/. The G is silent in all but very emphasized uses of the word.

These colonists constructed a ford through the river, shortly past the confluence of the three rivers, for their military highway. Due to this strategic location, Pforzheim later became a center for the timber-rafting trade, which transported timber from the Black Forest via the rivers Wuerm, Nagold, Enz and down the Neckar and Rhine to, among other markets, the Netherlands for use in shipbuilding. Their timbers were also used to construct the foundations for Amsterdam, which was built in a swamp. In important matters concerning any of these communities the opinions of the respective community councils must be taken into consideration. However, final decisions on the matter will be made by the Pforzheim city council.

This just isn’t meant to be a proper definition of OK boomer like most terms we outline on Dictionary.com, but is rather an informal word abstract that hopefully touches upon the key elements of the which means and utilization of OK boomer that may help our customers broaden their word mastery. The general assembly is the supreme governing physique of a Swiss firm restricted by shares. It elects the board of directors and the external auditors. The board of administrators could appoint and dismiss individuals entrusted with managing and representing the corporate.

Silver’s chemical image, Ag, is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase for silver, ‘argentum.’ The Latin phrase originates from argunas, a Sanskrit phrase meaning shining. The administration board directly runs the corporate, however its members may be removed by the supervisory board, which additionally determines the management board’s compensation. Some German AGs have management boards which determine their own remuneration, however that state of affairs is now relatively unusual.

Examples of conventional systems using NLP are shown in U.S. Nos. 4,991,094, 5,068,789, 5,146,405 and 5,680,628, all of which are incorporated by reference herein. The invention relates to a system and an interactive method for responding to speech based user inputs and queries presented over a distributed network such as the INTERNET or local intranet. The system has particular applicability to such applications as remote learning, e-commerce, technical e-support services, INTERNET searching, etc.

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The Wallberg-Monument on the top is meant to remind people of the city’s history; it was erected in 2005 on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the bombing raid. Pforzheim is historically an important jewelry and watch-making centre in Germany. Due to this reason, Pforzheim is nicknamed as Golden City. Jewelry and watch-making industry is first set up by Jean François Autran after receiving an edict from then overlord Margrave Karl Friedrich von Baden. This enterprise is later joined by other commercial enterprises and helped Pforzheim to become an important manufacturing city.

  • The output of tagger 804 is a string with each token tagged with a parts-of-speech label 805.
  • 26.1 The Defendant has contended that prior to adopting the mark, the Defendant took search in the office of the Registrar of Trade Marks and that the Plaintiff’s mark was not cited as a conflicting mark.
  • The discussion that follows describes in more detail the respective sub-systems.
  • Under Section 2 of the Act, a mark shall be deemed to be deceptively similar to another mark if it so nearly resembles that other marks as to be likely to deceive or cause confusion.
  • In the said judgment, the Hon’ble Supreme Court was considering a situation where both the words started with a distinctly separate pronunciation -‘ Complamina’ started with the pronunciation ‘K’ whereas ‘Ciplamina’ commenced with the pronunciation ‘C’.

The method of claim 1, wherein said response is an audible response from an electronic agent generated by a text to speech engine. As an additional embodiment, the searching for information on a particular web site may be accelerated with the use of the NLQS of the present invention. Additionally, a significant benefit is that the information is provided in a user-friendly manner through the natural interface of speech. The majority of web sites presently employ lists of frequently asked questions which the user typically wades item by item in order to obtain an answer to a question or issue. 13, the customer clicks on Help 1330 to initiate the interface with a set of lists. Other options include computer related items at 1370 and frequently asked questions at 1380.

the Registration of an Unconventional Trademark

This reference therefore does not address the issue of how to ensure adequate performance for a very thin client platform. Moreover, it is difficult to determine, how, if at all, the system can perform real-time word recognition, and there is no meaningful description of how to integrate the system with a natural language processor. Furthermore, speaker-dependent systems usually require a large user dictionary which reduces the speed of recognition. This makes it much harder to implement a real-time dialog interface with satisfactory response capability (i.e., something that mirrors normal conversation—on the order of 3-5 seconds is probably ideal).

aktiengesellschaft pronunciation

Narayan wherein it has been observed that honest adoption does not justify continued user. 10.10 In the light of the above submissions and also having regard to the fact that the mark of Defendant is in use since May, 2006, without a single reported incidence of confusion and/or deception, it is submitted on behalf of the Defendant that the Notice of Motion deserves to be dismissed. The Defendant has also contended that since the Plaintiff has not got interim relief since the date of filing of the Suit, no interim relief ought to be granted. The Defendant has submitted that the balance of convenience also supports the Defendant at this interim stage. It is submitted that the hearing of the Suit has progressed, Written Statement has been filed, issues have been framed and the Suit is at the stage of admission/denial of documents and hence there is no warrant for grant of any interim reliefs. 10.5 The mark of the Defendant that is “ECONOVA” is distinct and distinguishable from the mark of the Plaintiff that is “EVANOVA”.

Aktiengesellschaft in sign language

These two cannot be said to have such phonetic similarity so as to make it objectionable. Phonetically, the words ‘JEX’ and ‘JASE’ being totally dissimilar, are not going to create any confusion in the mind of the users, especially, in this case, when the visual impression of the said two trade names, as explained earlier, is completely different. Therefore, the submission made by the defendant that there cannot be any chance of buyers and users being misguided or confused by the two trade names, cannot be brushed aside. Therefore, there is no difficulty in coming to the conclusion that there is no phonetic and visual resemblance.

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These coefficients together make up the partially processed speech data transmitted in compressed form from the user’s client system to the remote server side. It can be visualized as finding the best path through a matrix where the vertical dimension represents the states of the HMM and horizontal dimension represents frames of speech i.e. time. To complete the extension to connected speech recognition, it is further assumed that each HMM representing the underlying sequence is connected. Thus the training data for continuous speech recognition should consist of connected utterances; however, the boundaries between words do not have to be known. The key issues or requirements for either type—speaker-independent or speaker-dependent, are accuracy and speed. As the size of the user dictionaries increase, the speech recognition accuracy metric—word error rate and the speed of recognition decreases.

Between 2 and 4 August, the French army under the general command of Marshal Jacques Henri de Durfort de Duras again crossed the Rhine river and began the destruction of major towns in Baden. On 10 August 1689, a French army unit under the command of General Ezéchiel du Mas, Comte de Mélac appeared in front of Pforzheims town gates, but this time the town refused to surrender. In aktiengesellschaft pronunciation response, the French army began shelling the town with cannons from the Rod hill located southwest of the town, and the several hundred soldiers of the German imperial command, who were defending the town, were forced to surrender. After a short period of looting, the French troops set the inner town area on fire on 15 August, which made that area uninhabitable for several weeks.

It shows all significant landmarks including the city wall, the rivers Enz and Nagold, the three monastery churches and the Margrave’s residence on Schlossberg hill. Dialling codes07231, 07234, 07041Vehicle registrationPFWebsite City of Pforzheim does not belong to any administrative district , although it hosts the administrative offices of the Enz district that surrounds the town. The concepts Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft were also used by Max Weber in Economy and Society, which was first published in 1921. Weber wrote in direct response to Tönnies, and argued that Gemeinschaft is rooted in a “subjective feeling” that may be “affectual or traditional”. Gesellschaft-based relationships, according to Weber, are rooted in “rational agreement by mutual consent”, the best example of which is a commercial contract.

The Court held that it is not permissible to make a meticulous comparison of the words letter by letter and syllable by syllable. 10.6 The suffix “NOVA” in the rival marks is common both on the Register as well as in the trade in actual use. In support of its contention, the Defendant has relied on the lists of products annexed and marked Exhibits H, I and K to its affidavit in reply. The system of claim 37 wherein said speech data is received continuously during a speech utterance.

This token passing model can be extended easily to connected speech environments as well if we allow the sequence of HMMs to be defined as a finite state network. A composite network that includes both phoneme-based HMMs and complete words can be constructed so that a single-best word can be recognized to form connected speech using word N-best extraction from the lattice of possibilities. This composite form of HMM-based connected speech recognizer is the basis of the NLQS speech recognizer module.

How do you pronounce Jag Är?

‘Jag är’ is /jɑː e:/ or /jɑː ɛ:/. The G is silent in all but very emphasized uses of the word.